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Welcome to the Station of Sledges



From now, you can hire our sledges online, by telephone at  +49 180 510 8000  or in any station of Fahrradstation. Because in Fahrradstation we know how to enjoy the winter and the snow in Berlin!

Renting a sledge in Fahrradstation also means helping people in need. For every hour of Schlitten/Snow Star model that we rent, we destine € 5 to humanitarian aid:

We offer you 4 different models of sledges, for children, adults, for sliding, for being pulled. Sledges for everyone!

The Schlitten model is the classical model made of wood, strong, suited for both going down a slope and being pulled by a rope, in order to load children or things. The cost of hiring this sledge is only € 9 per day!

This year we have a new model of Schlitten, the Snow Star model. This model is very similar to the model before. The only difference is that it is made of plastic and it is more resistent for going down the slippery slopes. € 9 per day, as well. 


The Slider model is the most economic sledge and the simplest as well. But not the least funny! Anyone who has gone down the slippery slopes of Mauerpark or Viktoriapark knows it. Only to € 2 per day!

Our star model is the Bob model. It is the most sophisticated sledge and the one with better performance. It is perfect both for carrying children and loads and for going down any slippery slope. The rental cost is only € 12 per day!

Remember, contact us on the internet, by telephone (+49 180 510 8000) or in any station of Fahrradstation and enjoy the snow and the winter in Berlin!


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Bei uns können Sie schnell, einfach und sicher online Schlitten buchen und bezahlen oder reservieren. Das Online-Ticket können Sie sich direkt ausdrucken oder zumailen lassen.
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