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COVID 19 Update

Have you been worried about COVID19 on you holiday to Berlin this summer, we can help! Did you know that cycling is proven to be the safest mode of transport in terms of risk of infection? Fahrradstation offers a wide variety of bikes that can cover your every transportation need.

If you want to avoid being stuck in traffic, sitting in overcrowded public transport on a hot day. You can come to us and rent a quality bike. All our bikes get wiped down after they are delivered back to us and before being sent out again to eliminate the risk of contamination.

So there is no need to worry, more than necessarily, we are here to help you get around Berlin safely. There is also an option of going on guided bike tours in Berlin.

We are here to make sure your trip to Berlin is COVID19 free and you are as safe as possible while you are here! You should of course adhere to the set guidelines and potential restrictions set by the government. These rules and regulation are subject to change.

All there is left to do is to go out and enjoy Berlin!

Stay safe and stay happy.

Click here to read more about the current situation in Berlin.

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Embark on a memorable cycle from Berlin, all the way to Copenhagen!

Have you ever wondered how it would feel to cycle from one capital city to another? This Berlin-Copenhagen tour provides one with spectacular views of wide open fields, blooming flowers and luscious green trees. Experience Northern Germany and Denmark in a completely new way. You set the speed and you decide when to stop for a photo!

Whether you are a fan of high speed cycling, a leisurely pace with the whole family or something in between. We have the ideal bicycle for your needs. Apart from the racing and mountain bikes, each cycle has luggage racks where you can attach your tent, sleeping bag or bag filled with snacks for the road.

The route stretches for a total of 700km and passes through three different regions, namely the Brandenburg, Mecklenburg and Denmark regions. This allows one to enjoy a diverse range of spectacular landscapes along the way. There are plenty of shady patches for cooling off and simply enjoying the nature around you!

Once in Copenhagen, the cyclist has the convenient pleasure of simply dropping off the bicycle upon arrival! There is no need to worry about how the bicycle is going to get back to Berlin, we’ve got that covered for you. Simply sit back, stretch out your legs and enjoy the beautiful Nyhavn Harbour with its picturesque houses or. You have most certainly deserved it!

If you are interested in this journey, please follow this link for more information. You can find information regarding the prices, availability and booking policy: